Mecplex Innovation strenuously underlines the importance of a genuine Ecological Transition in our world: we think that there is no more time to wait to make a change in this direction.

As shown in recent G-Summits and expressed with NextGenEU plan, Green Culture must be a necessity for our present, to face successfully the Energetic Transition.

The world largest companies and governments have shown a strong willingness to shift their own energy supplies. In response to that, Mecplex Innovation has decided to invest its energies on projects that meet these requirements.

We trust in the development of new affordable models in terms of sustainability: the concept of Circular Economy is our most important aim. Mecplex Innovation strongly believes in the Integration of Social Sciences with the mechanical engineering field, we think about the concept of contemporary cities complementing the humanistic point of view with high – tech production.

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Registered Office

Piazza della Vittoria 12/21  16121 Genova Italy
Phone: 010.8282179

Business hours: Monday – Friday 9,00-13,00 

Operational Headquarters

Via Borzoli 116 R – 16153, Genova, Italy
Phone: 010.8282179

Business hours: Lunedì – Venerdì 8,00-12,00 / 13,00-17,00

11 Ottobre 2022


September 28-29 For the latest sport event in Genoa, the 18th of September, Mecplex […]
6 Ottobre 2022

Mecplex partecipa a inbuyer

September 28-29
29 Settembre 2022

Social housing in limassol, a house with courtyard E.p.architects l.l.c. eleni pattichi & taulant tozaj

Our partner EpArchitects won the 1st award in the second international architectural competition of […]
31 Maggio 2022

Genova Smart City Event

Mecplex was pleased to attend the moment of encounter that took place yesterday, organized […]
23 Maggio 2022

Project “Limitrofi – Only space remembers”

Mecplex is proud to take part as a Partner in the event “Limitrofi – […]
23 Maggio 2022

Genova Global Goals Award

Following the participation in the “Genova Global Goals Award”, Mecplex is pleased to announce […]
19 Maggio 2022

MADE Expo 2021…. il Giornale dell’ Architettura

Tema d’innovazione formale, si segnala invece il prototipo Energy Skeen, di MecPlex, struttura modulare tridimensionale capace di […]
19 Maggio 2022


Mecplex will participate in the MADE Expo together with Aderma Locatelli and EnergyGlass.
19 Maggio 2022


Mecplex wWe are glad and honored to see our delegates in this picture. What […]