Mecplex Innovation strongly believes in the integration of social sciences studies and the mechanical engineering field, because we base the creation of our solutions on the synergy of the two elements. This combination suggests the fundamental role of digital development, energy transition and ecological transition.

We work and find solutions for an innovative process that respects the concept of Circular Economy. Indeed we think it’s important to us to create a better growth modelin terms of sustainability. Our most important aim is to find the best way to develop this concept in coexistence with the ecology-based policymaking.
Mecplex strenuously underlines the importance of a genuine ecological transition and thinks that there is no more time to wait to make a change in this direction, so that we apply to engineering ecological awareness. As shown in recent G-Summits and expressed with NextGenEU plan, green culture must be a necessity for our present, to face successfully the energetic transition.

The world largest companies and governments have shown a strong willingness to shift their own energy supplies. In response to that, Mecplex, The Network, has decided to invest its energies on projects that meet these requirements.

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The Network

Mecplex is a Network made of 14 Companies, that decided to take part in this ambitious project that has the aim to develop new possibilities and enhance each other in terms of efficiency and manufacturing processes.

The production high quality is guaranteed by the long experience and the know-how regarding the mechanical sector.

Each of these companies plays a different role when it comes to the production process, complementing each other with their strengths. Mecplex Innovation Team is composed by 7 Companies:

Mecplex, The Network, provides its customers a complete range of services, starting from the manufacturing of the single pieces or the elaborate series, tothe delivery of machineries and provenand approved aggregates.

Mecplex supplies its customers high quality production that makes its products safe and trustworthy, always suited for the use they are meant for.

Our most important purpose is to increase and expand the use of the most efficient technologies in order to ensure compliance with the environmental and safety requirements. Moreover, Mecplex ensures costumers assistance during the planning phase (technical office, work streams preparation).The workshops are organizedin specialized divisions operating in synergy.

Solutions to bespoke

Mecplex offersa service of consulting and planning to propose special solutions according to the customers necessities, in order to obtain a customized product.

Security and reliability

Mecplex supplies its customers high quality production process that makes our products safe and trustworthy, always suited for the use they are meant for.


Mecplex members have been leading companies in their fields for 50 years and a reference point in the sector of mechanical processing and metal constructions.

Professional responsibility

Mecplex supplies finished products that fully reflect the functional characteristics required by the customers, observing the agreed terms of delivery.


How to contact us

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Registered Office

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Email: info@mecplex.it
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Business hours: Monday – Friday 9,00-13,00 

Operational Headquarters

Via Borzoli 116 R – 16153, Genova, Italy
Email: info@mecplex.com
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Business hours: Lunedì – Venerdì 8,00-12,00 / 13,00-17,00